Around the World in 100 days

I wanted to go back on history of 200 years or so before the coal engines were invented, but Prasad ji , the lazy guy growing a beard has distracted me with his kind words. He credits me for teaching humanity that we can save the world by simply lying on the couch all day, watching TV and eating popcorn. What’s wrong with that I say? How long can the world enslave you! I wish many were like TVS, one minute playing with his grandson Arjun, and the other having a few beers with his buddies! 

And out of nowhere, Chiva’s dad hammers me and my grandfather, Corona Virus. Can I help it if nothing was done when the bats and fowls and pigs carried my ancestors to all parts of the world? I thought a dog lover would be kind to me. I guess I’m to be blamed a bit but that is who I am! How can I change my nature? It’s been a slippery slope for me in 2020, what with most folks trying to get rid of me with ordinary soap! 

I’m still young and I need you elders to help me understand the ways of the world. Chinese products are in every country, many travel to the big dragon to view their achievements in awe but when it came to me they waited for 2020 to own up to me. I felt so sad for Dr Li Wenliang and his colleagues when they saw me sprout but were gagged and punished. He should have been a hero but I got him dead.

All kinds of funny things seem to be happening. They are calling me a pandemic but I hear it’s led to a lot of people panning each other. I happened to hear on the Television in the hospitals around the world that they blame each other’s religious gathering for me increasing my presence. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s not. But if these activities and thoughts were kept inside oneself, television news wouldn’t be so bad and TRPs would be based on real positive, clean stuff. No? And who knows, the avatar of Arnab wouldn’t appear and friends wouldn’t argue and lose their friendship over this guy with ulterior motives. You have to believe me, I go to places where many can’t.

One thing I really loved is that people all over the world are appreciating and honoring doctors and nurses and all healthcare personnel for their tireless work at the risk to their own lives. Otherwise, relatives of sick people many times yell at them for not being super human and not always curing their loved ones. 

I know I’ve been bad and I take responsibility for taking away the lives of Chinese, Italian, American and other country’s doctors and nurses who spent decades to train themselves. If only the Chinese had not allowed me to travel out of Wuhan, all this wouldn’t happen, no? After all I didn’t even have a name then and no travel documents!