Destination Unknown

May is coming to a close and as the tropical summer gives way to the south westerlies, the hope that the Indian blistering summer would finish or weaken  me has not borne out. Amphan blew up bridges, cars, trees and roofs but I think I’m not badly affected as I’m too light and the waters from the Bay of Bengal was not soapy at all! Some teased, ‘just like demonetizing 86 percent of currency didn’t change the colour of Black money!’ Certainly, currency has become more colourful, almost Pride in its outlook, but I understand black still rules. 

Shutting the door and everything else on my face was an easy tactic. Now that the meek voices of the experts and the economists are heard, people have again picked up courage to face me, mask et al. So many figures and graphs are hurled around, I’m on to a next wave in some areas. Finally, some people are unafraid of me. Calling for elections and identifying weak MP/MLAs was easier they say, than deciding how to open the lockdown without having to face a backlash. So what if ‘Acche din’ was elusive,  herd immunity could at least be ‘Accha hai.’

Now I’m being numbered for various purposes. Gone are the days when Patient Zero was the target. Having got zero, leaders now realise that some positive numbers are required to make zero mean anything. I learn that 5th person after 7 PM, 101st employee in government offices, 51st person in a wedding, 4th person in a car and the 31st in a bus will receive me. It’s made my life easier and also a bit harder. How do I count, where do I start and how do I actually identify these people? Where do I get the zero to start? My life is very complex.

Over five million have received me already but my plight is in the realm of nothingness. My life takes on an interesting turn, who knows what happens next? Or where do I go from here? 


Meenakshisundram Ramachandran · November 21, 2021 at 6:29 pm

Interesting take on the epidemic. First epidemic which killed more people people in supposedly developed countries than in undeveloped countries!

    firstforays · November 21, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    The developing countries didn’t fair worse. In fact it appears their immunity was stronger.

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