How the mood has changed! January was one of denial. February marked some interest and the epidemiologists began to air their knowledge or lack of it. March saw a scurry of activities. April, the countdown began. May, was the awakening with over 5 mil counted and in early June, businesses are getting back to business. Nisarga has left nature more or less as it was. Thank God. 

I’m tired too now. From animal markets, to high flying travelers, I’ve gone into dense lanes. Wherever I go, people see red. But you have to give it to me as many parts remained green or turned green. I heard the Himalayas were visible from Delhi where even seeing your neighbour wasn’t easy and many didn’t see eye to eye even on small civil matters.

I wanted to keep this full of fun and frolic but the diversion with the pineapple cracker and the strong police guy in Minneapolis and the orange man’s words seems to have changed the mood. I’m surprised by how humans keep fishing out issues without  putting in place a permanent solution to many socio-economic challenges. My brain is not made to analyze this but it’s something the majority definitely should listen to the thinkers. Be somewhat like me, where we don’t discriminate at all.

I’m enjoying seeing more people out in the open, many in masks partially or totally covered, the voices appear more joyous to my ears, don’t know if it’s the mangoes in India, onset of Spring- Summer in the western world or just relief that they no longer have to tolerate other family members living under the same roof. Humans say they are social animals but this social distancing has taken a toll is what I hear over helplines and timelines.

Bye for now. I have lots of nice things to say despite the mounting numbers of positives, but my Secretary writing this seems to be diffident and a drag! Sayonara and Namaste.