What you feel is what you see

Enough of gloom and doom. Whatever will be, will be. If not, there is always Atmanirbhar. I wonder if self-reliance wasn’t a desire or a goal at any time, especially for a country. I don’t wish to debate on that o let’s move on.

I’ve been thinking about how one can be easily branded and slotted into convenient tags. I may affect a community as a whole but patient zero has generally been singular. Is community better than single? Is herd better than being a single entity?

Why this suspicion and aversion to singles? I’m all for singles, since it makes sure they don’t carry me to others and contain the ill-effects. Still I hear that single people, especially unmarried or divorced are viewed differently than a singular widow or widower. Unmarried, attracts pity, curiosity and perhaps one jumps to a  conclusion that she is hard to please or she wasn’t good enough for anyone! 

With a divorced person the dynamics are a bit different. The curiosity level is very very high. Much higher than the world’s curiosity of me in Dec-Jan! There’s is a desire to know who was infidel or who was uncompromising. Who was the victim and who was the aggressor. How does it matter, right? Walking away from toxicity keeps you safe and happy. Like staying away from red and containment zones! What is honorable in dashing into red areas when it’s certain I can challenge you more than you can imagine!

And then there’s another kind of single which attracts pity, envy and a deep desire to assist them, even if they have built walls to keep others out. These are the once married folks. This is an honourable badge to have. They can live daily in the past, weep at will, talk of the other and it’s cute and attracts attention. They can make their own rules, share or not share and anything goes. 

Funny no? How you people see the same person differently if they are or were associated with some other human! After all, unlike me who makes clusters easily, humans are born alone and pass on alone.