By Dr. Geetha Acharya

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There are times we just wish to be instantly somewhere else,  than here.  We just wish some magical fairy,  to swish that wand and take us to the magical fairy land… Where there are no trouble no worries…  Just bliss and peace. 

Ohh… If only these figment of imagination were to become true.  But the thing which comes very close to instant travel, is to read books.  Have you ever wondered “I just want to know what is going on in his head?  “. Picking up a book you get the similar opportunity to go through author unexplored mindland,  thoughts which found medium of written words… And deepest darkest secrets..  Which otherwise,  generally gets overshadowed by routine mundane daily activities… 

What a privilege it is just to travel any place by mere turning up of the pages… You almost can feel the characters pulse… Their struggle… Their insecurity ….their strength. Just like a good director with his cinematography and plot, dialouges makes you feel what he wants to convey… The good author will transform your mind with his expression and knowledge. 

Advantages of reading books

1) you can be undisputed director in mind movie directed by you

2) you allow new ideas seep in to fertile soil of your mind

3) it is supposed to be one of the great habits to inculcate. 

4) all successful people of all time were open to new ideas,  new methods to better their own life,  then why not us. 

5) you can travel back in time,  or to future instantly depending on the plot and story…. Sitting in your chair… 

But the best thing I feel the book does is to expand the universe( irrespective of author’s or your nationality,  religion, creed or belife )…words have universal applicability and have power to break all the barriers… Real or imaginary No doubt they say,  pen is mightier than the sword. 

Happy reading… 

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